Amblyopia project

Amblyopia or "lazy eye" is a visual defect that affects 3% to 5% of the population and, if not treated with appropriate action within 5 years of age, is irreversible.
The project begin with epidemiological study to understand  biochemical mechanisms of neuronal plasticity. The surveys are conducted using innovative methods of screening can also be used on IPad and accompanied by adequate information and awareness plan to play in schools.

The second phase of recruitment patients to test the efficacy of new therapeutic protocols that have already given preliminary, very good results. Patient monitoring is carried out by electro functional methods.

In the present research program, we aimed to assess whether pattern stimulus as well as intense sensory-motor interactions while immersed in video-game and new pharmacologic intervention can induce cortical plasticity and improve spatial vision in amblyopic eye well beyond the ‘‘sensitive period’’ of brain development.

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