Woman and eye - gender bias in ophthalmology

The research program assess the changes in gender from the ocular surface to the back of the eye including epidemiological investigations and interventional studies. 

We evaluated  the role of postmenopausal insufficiently level of 17 β Estradiol, Estrone, Testosterone in the pathogenesis of Dysfunction Tear Syndrome (DTS), investigating the relationship between tear osmolarity and serum sex hormones level in women with severe evaporative DTS. 

Electrophysiological measurements made ​​using our exclusive technology showed different responses according to sex (gender bias), in different phases of the ovarian cycle in women during menopause, pregnancy, as a result of hormonal therapies (contraception, menopause), homosexual.The results of this study have been published: Changes in visual evoked potentials during the menstrual cycle in young women.

Avitabile T, Longo A, Caruso S, Gagliano C, Amato R, Scollo D, Lopes R, Pulvirenti L, Toto L, Torrisi B, Agnello C.

Curr Eye Res. 2007 Nov;32(11):999-1003.

 The purpose of the study is to establish the precise "range" physiological based also on gender differences and thus to improve the reliability of electrofunctional measurements on the visual system. 

The research program is investigating  gender differences in inflammatory and degenerative  mechanisms of the eye that can be influenced by hormonal status.

The project has supported in part by Grant N. 20078M2BFW/06of  Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MIUR) Italy and cofunded by the SOOFT Spa in 2008. It has seen the presentation of first results at the conference entitled Women and Eye Health Project which was held in Rome on October 7, 2011 and also at ARVO meeting 2012.

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